May the Best Name Win! Vote Now to Name
Maryland’s Famous Blue Crab!


The quest to name Maryland’s famous blue crab on the Treasure the Chesapeake license plate has begun. During the past two weeks, more than 1,000 names have been submitted to the Chesapeake Bay Trust’s “Name our Crab” competition. Residents from Maryland and throughout the country have suggested their most creative and funny name ideas for this iconic crustacean. In the end the finalists have been narrowed down to three possibilities:

Clawdia- Chesapeake Bay Trust needs some female representation in their "spokes-animals":) Clawdia is a simple play on the name Claudia, and represents the blue crab's most famous/infamous appendages!”- Emily Rhode, La Plata, Md.

Shelly- Shelly is an anatomical reference and a nice name for Wade's girlfriend! (Wade is heron on Maryland Chesapeake Bay tags)- Suzanne Weber, Annapolis, Md.

Edgar B. Pinchon- Edgar popped into my mind as the crab fisherman from Deadliest Catch. I came up with the initial B for Blue, and Pinchon as a play on pinching (for the claws)." - Peggy Wittman, Easton, Md.


  •  Name suggestion round was from July 7 to July 21 at 5 pm.
  • Three names were selected as finalists for the voting round, which takes place from July 24 to August 1.
  • The name with the most votes will be declared the winner on August 4!


Two Grand Prize Winners:

*One overall winner who suggested the winning name AND one randomly selected winner  from the voting round will both receive:

Two Runner-up Winners:

The two runner-up name submissions will receive:


Help us name our crab on Maryland's Bay plate!

There are many creatures who call the Chesapeake Bay their home, but there are a few that stand out more than Maryland's famous blue crab.

Last year the Chesapeake Bay Trust received thousands of suggestions and votes to help name the iconic blue heron featured on the Maryland Treasure the Chesapeake license plate. In the end, Wade was born!

This year, we are continuing the tradition and asking YOU to help us name another iconic Bay creature, the blue crab! While many people may recognize Wade the Heron on our Bay plates, many don't even notice this little crab huddled in the corner. What is his name? Or what is her name? Should Wade have a girlfriend? Help us decide!

Help us bring a name to our crab by voting in our NAME OUR CRAB competition!


Last year voters chose the name Wade for the Trust's blue heron mascot!

Last year voters chose the name Wade for the Trust's blue heron mascot!

Official Rules:

  • One entry per person for name submission and voting rounds.

  • Duplicate name suggestions will be counted towards the first person who submitted the name.

  • All submissions must be made through the submission form and will not be counted if submitted via email, social media, etc.

  • Submissions and votes must be received no later than the deadline at 5:00 pm.

  • For questions about the contest please contact Kristin Foringer, 410-974-2941, ext. 113.